Carlo Torre

For over 20 years, Carlo Torre has been an independent multimedia expert collaborating with a strong network of professional colleagues to produce websites, videos and animations for corporate and private clients.

Born 20.11.1963, in Zurich. At 12 years old, he first began snapping portraits of friends using a small Agfa camera. With David Adair, a photographer friend, he participated in the 1980 Zürich Opera House youth protests, photographing the two riots from the perspective of the youth for «Eisbrecher» newspaper – his first photo-journalism job.

At 21, he travelled to South America, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia, where he realized his first travel photo-reportages. He then immigrated to Asia, spending many years in northern India with Kashmiris and Sadus of Kullu Valley. He also spent a long period of time in Southeast Asia, where he felt most at home. Goa, Bali and Bangkok, indeed, are each considered a second home to him.

Torre’s wildest adventure was a year travelling from Los Angeles across Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras in a VW bus.

Santa Marta to Colombia, Columbia to Venezuela, he then drove back to Los Angeles, continuing on to Bali, Burma, Thailand and India. The colorful years spent traveling and living in these diverse cultures, have all been captured and recorded in print and on film.

After 12 years globetrotting, Torre returned to Switzerland. Following adult education courses at EB Wolfsbach, he attended a Zurich Multimedia school in 1998 while completing an internship with renowned Zurich graphic designers Irène Hiltpold and Trix Wetter. Since then he’s collaborated regularly with Ernst Wirz, award-winning fashion photographer and director of TV commercials and advertising spots. In this capacity, for Bolero and many other clients, he’s been responsible for “the making of” films, as well as for providing photo-assistant services including digital post-production.

Carlo Torre’s rich and unique professional heritage is the source of his creative professionalism today.